Why I Don’t Do Meal Plans

I am often asked will I get a meal plan or why don’t you write meal plans. I like to know exactly what I need to eat, and when!!

Adults asking to be controlled to what and when to eat. Really? I’ll add your bedtimes to and ban you from your iPad after 8pm. Oh and you’re definitely not going out with your friends this weekend and getting smashed!!

How long before you tell me to get stuffed (or worse :)).

My Issue With Meal Plans Are:

1. They are simply not sustainable. Short term you maybe able to follow the plan but what about the rest of your life?

2. A meal plan written by me is almost certainly going to mean a lot of changes. Far too many changes in one go. Making small regular improvements, making changes that will become new better habits that will last you for a lifetime is what will have you achieving long-term.

3. Most of us already know what we should be eating more of and what we should be eating less of. Is me telling you again going to make it more likely that you stick to it?

4. Meal plans are usually pretty much “perfect”, but life just isn’t like that. Sometimes we just want junk! There I said it, sometimes we just want a blow out, sometimes we get home from work later than usual and think sod it, I’m knackered and can’t be bothered, sometimes our children are ill or sometimes too busy or just wasn’t prepared, the shop didn’t have that ingredient you needed. Now what!

All of these usually end up with the plan ending with a big bang and going right back to our usual diet. What is needed is to understand our food and how to make smarter choices. Understand that you can have your cake, eat it and still be fit and able, but you need to make it all balance out.

Let me help teach you how to balance it and change your relationship with food and your life forever.

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I am Michael the owner of Fit & Able Fitness. I am very passionate about helping and guiding people to improving their health and fitness. Showing them it isn't all about starving yourself and hours slogging away in a gym!